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This is a non-profit fan site dedicated to Sandra Bullock. It was made to be a means of sharing information on Sandy and her career. This site is fully funded personally and not in any official capacity. Also, the site has received a makeover and been expanded with extensive information on Sandra Bullock, her movies, as well as other information. Sandra Bullock Online first launched on July 26th, 2003.

Please keep in mind that I am not Sandra Bullock , nor is SBO in a any way affiliated with Sandra Bullock or Fortis Films. More information is available in the disclaimer.


Can you send me an a picture/video of _______?
Unfortunately, I can't send files to visitors. However, I do occasionally post files for download.

What is the password for the media/Why is the password not working?
The password for the media is SandraBullockOnline and it is case sensitive which means that you have to include an "S","B" and "O" rather than "s", "b" and "o" . Make sure you don't include any spaces before or after the password when entering it into the password box while extracting the files.

Can I send something for you to put on the site?
Sure, all contributions are always welcome! Just send an email to sbo[at]freakyenough[dot]com

Will you link to my site?
Absolutely, as long as you link back.

What program do I need to be able to play your downloads?
If you have any problems with the download files available on our site, just go to our tools page which provides information about codecs, players and everything you need to get our media to work.


Constructive criticism is always welcome! If you have comments, find an bug on the site or just have a general question, please let me know at sbo[at]freakyenough[dot]com

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Upcoming Projects

The Proposal
Category: Romantic Comedy
Playing: Margaret Tate
US Premiere: June 12, 2009
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All About Steve
Category: Comedy
Playing: Mary Horowitz
US Premiere: October 2009
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Latest DVDs

Category: Fantasy/Thriller
Playing: Linda Hanson
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Category: Drama/Biograhpy
Playing: Harper Lee
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